Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

When having a business, leaders will have to be aware of the risk and compliances of the business. The two risks that the business will have to focus on is the risk of threats and the risk that the company will to in order to create revenue and profit.

  • Improve productivity of risk and compliance in order to deliver a quick time to value and reduce the costs
  • Between the employees, executives, and manager improve communication
  • Identify and acknowledge the strategic and operational risks
  • All information must be timely and relevant to the topic at hand
  • SAP solutions will have quick response to wherever the situation is needed

GRC will be able to examine large data from different sources which will allow real-time decisions.  As time goes by this will protect revenue and progress performance by taking responsibility for risk.

By blending the correct resources and accessing your risks it is possible to achieve all business goals. No company can afford to overlook the risks because as companies continue to grow so does technology, corruption, and instability.

The compliance of the GRC will work hard to prevent risk and find ways to encourage the business goals.

Governance, risk, and Compliance solutions

Access Control

This will allow you to see if the user has introduced risks to your business. It also takes

the necessary moves in order to eliminate the risks.

  • Access the current implementations of access control to produce efficiencies
  • Implement policies and procedures to guarantee a clean state
  • Resolve the risks through process changes
  • Reduce fraud

Access Approve Mobile App

            This app takes the right security measures to ensure the approved employees gain

access to the correct system.

  • Extends the business processes across multiple platforms
  • Increase predictability and creative integration as business demands
  • Receive support, maintenance, customization for the implementation services
  • Request additional information from a business through email or calling

Audit Management

Gain access through multiple platforms like smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Be able to monitor the audit requests worldwide.

  • Direct coverage of the planning, execution, report, preparation and follow up of an audit roadmap
  • Drag-and-drop features will allow you to edit and create documents quickly
  • Influence the value of internal audits

Critical Infrastructure Protection

            Analyze security events based on a specific capability. The capabilities are:

  • asset-based approach will support a variety of  assets
  • Having a type of decision support tools will be able to drive the critical processes and business priorities
  • Develop policies that will simplify assessments of difficult business
  • Decrease cost of tracking
  • Develop situational reporting, control, and awareness

Global Trade Services

To fulfill the trade restrictions you can use automated tools that will lower the cost of international trade.  No matter the size of your business the global trade services can speed up the trade processes.

  • Eliminate manual workflow and replace it with automation
  • Lower penalties from trade violations
  • Enhance customer satisfaction which will lead to higher customer loyalty
  • Deliver orders on time with accurate information

Sanctioned-Party List Mobile App

Provide real-time access to an authorized party list data. Be able to access the data away from the desktop.

  • Acknowledge and solve business documents in according to one or more business partners.
  • Non-traditional users will be able gain screening capabilities if extended ad-hoc authorized party list
  • Receive alerts, record, and track quality issues

Physical Security Management

Determine who is on the job site and how they are using your assets.

  • Lower the cost of administering physical security
  • Develop reliability and security across the physical access control systems
  • Users receive one badge to access numerous locations

Process Control

To ensure greater effectiveness the process control can monitor and audit the most important items. The process control will allow organizations to be mapped based on the best practices.

  • Automate control testing will increase the coverage with a greater frequency
  • Align the processes of risk and compliance across a variety of programs
  • Increase performance by focusing on key risk areas

Policy Survey Mobile App

Be able to manage the company’s compliance anywhere and anytime. Be able to complete, receive, and submit GRC surveys and quizzes.

  • Quick access to general information about the policy
  • Establish a local archive of the tasks you completed
  • Interpret the company’s policy documents

Risk Management

Be able to address any uncertainty as you strive toward your business objectives by looking at the growth and threats ahead. Take the necessary cautions when taking a risk due to the potential impact.

  • Save money and time
  • Recognize the risks and respond to them accordingly
  • Establish business objects that are relevant to your value drivers

Environment, Health, and Safety Solutions

Enhance your safety, environment, and health through increasing the brand value and

involve more of the corporate image.

  • Follow all of the safety and health regulations
  • Strive for the EHS performance to continuously improve your business
  • Research the incidents, investigate, and learn from the previous safety observations

Sustainability Performance Management

Reduce the time and cost by setting a goal of taking advantage of business opportunities and communicating with sustainability performance.

  • Focus on calculated execution to increase return
  • Automate the collection of data for plausible reporting

Fraud Management

Prevent fraud as quickly as possible. Your able to detect, review, report and prevent fraud at your company.

  • Identify fraud early due to the real-time exposure tools
  • Decrease the amount of false positives with resourceful simulation features