VKN Offers the following high quality SAP Business Intelligent services by meeting your budget, time and support for a flawless implementation:

Strategic and architecture services

Identify and differentiate your business strategy that will allow your team to gain an  upper hand of data decision making.

  • BI initiatives will receive a strategic business case
  • Align your goals with business needs
  • Expand your practices that best fit for analyzing transaction data
  • Track your company’s success through a balanced score card
  • Achieve more knowledge into the value drivers by incorporating information to assessable results

Roadmap development services

Discover the benefits of your business strategy with a highly regarded BI roadmap.

  • Receive a thorough assessment of your BI challenges, surroundings, and necessities
  • Understand how BI correlates with your business goals therefore creating a significant advantage
  • Develop a product portfolio that will contain current and future BI
  • Combine BI systems and tools to make effective decisions and have a significant end-user impact

Cloud services

  • Achieve your goals and stay ahead of competition by using modern cloud based BI architecture.
  • Get a detailed evaluations of how to execute a cloud based architectures
  • Gain fast insights after the acquisition by using the BI in the cloud

Upgrade and Migration Services

Determine the best upgrade path and plan to implement SAP HANA.

  • Receive a comprehensive assessments that will be a to estimate and plan your BI migration effort
  • Gain accurate budgeting and project planning knowledge
  • Lower the amount of unforeseen issues  and partial planning

Planning Assessment Services

Efficiently deliver projects by leveraging SAP planning assessment services.

  • Expert consultants will guarantee the projects achievements
  • Determine business needs-security, tools, hardware, and more
  • Prioritize the investment spend by developing a solution roadmap and long-term project

Implementation Services

Speed up integration and control costs through user adoption of SAP Business Objects Explorer.

  • Successful methodology and implementation accelerators with save lots of time
  • Be able to predict costs and constraint with an engineered service
  • Fast implementation and lessen risk with the best practices