VKN Advanced Technology

VKN Advanced Technology is an Manufacturing and Engineering Solution Provider.

VKN offers “holistic” business and technology consulting, process  improvements, engineering services, cost effective “Turn-Key” manufacturing solutions to our global high-tech industry customers.

  • High Volume Manufacturing – Collaborating for success

VKN works with global manufacturers to apply our proprietary technology to develop and implement in high volume manufacturing applications in mobile phones, computers, automotive, semiconductors, electronic, medical, wireless and aerospace  industries.

  • Engineering Services
  • Design and Development
  • R&D

Areas of Technology and Services that we offer are:

  • Optoelectronics – LED,LCD,OLED
  • Electrical Connectors, Microelectronic Interconnects, Assembly and Packaging
  • Semiconductors – CMOS, FeRAM
  • Compound Semiconductors – pHEMT,HBT, GaAS, GaN, InP
  • Battery Technology – Li+ion, ZnO and advanced materials
  • Solar Thin Films – CdTe,CdS,CIS
  • Nanotechnology, MEMS

Contact VKN for your specific needs and applications.